IMAX B6 B6AC Lipo NiMH Battery Balance Charger S482

Product Features:
The new IMAX B6AC (successor of IMAX B5) is a very advanced microprocessor controlled charger able to charge, balance and discharge Lion, LiPo, LiFe (A123), Pb, NiCd and NiMH batteries. Significant improvements includes:
* Support new generation A123 system (LiFe) battery.
* Thermal probe: the most important safety feature to avoid fire and explosion.
* Charge up to 6 cells: allow charging of 6S and (multi) series charging of 2X3S or 3X2S.
* Store function charge up lipo for recommend store voltage for long time and protect useful time of the battery.
* Time limit function
* Input voltage monitoring. (Protects car batteries at the field).
Optimized operating software
B6 features the so-called AUTO function that set the feeding current during the process of charging or discharging. Especially for Lithium batteries, it can prevent to overcharging which may lead to an explosion due to the user's fault. It can disconnect the circuit automatically and alarm once detecting any malfunction. All the programs of this product were controlled through two way linkage and communication, to achieve the maximum safety and minimize the trouble. All the settings can be configured by users !
Internal independent Lithium battery balancer
B6 employs

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