Immaculate Polly Pocket Sweet Roses 1996 - 100% Complete no Fading

Immaculate No Sun Damage
100% Complete includes the Rare Vases and all Five Flowers
Polly is Immaculate with Full Facial Features and No Paint Rub to Clothes
Sweet Roses 1996

All My Descriptions are taken from the Polly Pocket Website, I am not a Professional Seller of Polly Pockets, just trying to pay a hefty Lawyers Bill for a Divorce, lol


Style: Compact

Color: Translucent magenta with purple flower stopper

Shape: Rose Bottle (stands up)

Approximate Dimensions: 4.75" X 3.5" X 1.75"


Upper: Dressing table vanity, mirrors dresser, crystal chandeliers, fold-up piece in center with bed

Lower: Flower garden with swing, bridge and fountain, center fold-up piece is house front on this side


Center piece swings up to form entrance to house on one side and bed on the other Remove fountain and turn upside down to create a vase for all of the flowers Spin fountain and fish swim around the pond Garden glider swings


Polly Pocket, blond waved hair with dark pink hair band with flower on it, purple off-the-shoulder dress with rose at neck and green ruffle around bottom, white shoes, tan base, hole in right arm to hold flowers (1996)

Additional Pieces:

Vase, translucent red with yellow leaves
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