Immortal Sword Replica From Movie 300 Persian Army

You have seen our King Leonidas sword, now comes the opposite army, The Persian Army Immortal Sword Replica. This sword is very detailed in its makings and is carried by the Immortals in the Movie 300. If you have a penchant for acquiring movie-accurate memorabilia that commemorates great films in motion picture history, then you'll want to check out these exact prop replicas that bring the power of 300 to your home or office. This is the 300 Immortal Sword is well build and is made from 440 Stainless Stee and wood scabbard. Overall length 31".

More About The Movie 300:

In 480 BC the Persian Empire was poised to conquer all of Greece . While their countrymen turned and fled from their invaders, a band of 300 Spartan warriors faced off against the largest army the world had ever seen. Led by King Leonidas, the Spartans would show an empire what it meant to be truly heroic by battleing the Persian army with the Immortals.

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