Imperial German Empire Colonial Service Sword- RARE

I ship only in the USA! No exceptions. The Auction is for a Real Treasure. This is a Rare Imperial German (Prussian) Model 1889 Colonial Service Administrative or Police Officers Sword.Date between 1889-WWl. The condition is excellent for the age. The Blade is spotless without any rust or nicks or missing plate,and has the double fullers both sides.The blade is 32 1/2" Long.The Blade is signed with the makers Mark AC (possible Alexander Coppel). Original White Leather Blade Buffer intact. The handle has the Original Finger Loop is Shark Skin and is wrapped in Brass wire without any unraveling or tears. The Cartouche on the Knucklebow retains the Royal Cypher and Heraldic Crest of the Empire.The Sword has the Hexagon Imperial German Crown on the end of handle 1870-1918. The Scabbard looks like it has been through the war. Much of the Black Enamel is missing and t are dents. The Sword fits the Scabbard perfectly and is original and the original hangers are intact. The only thing missing on the Sword is the WR2 Monogram from the handle.The Sword has two minor battle scars on the Guard. This Sword was traded for food by a German citizen right after WWll to a U.S. Army Major stationed in Germany at that time.The information regarding the type of Sword and era of it's use was provided by a compilation of the highest regarded experts on ... read more