Imperial German Iron Cross and Austrian tri-fold medals

ATTENTION *** WW1 Imperial German/Austrian medal collectors. we offer a chance to add to any nice WW1 medals collection this fine grouping of four 100% authentic German/Austrian awards. The Imperial German Iron Cross second classmade in three part construction with 2 sterling frames and magnetic iron core is maker marked on the ribbon ring with the big "N" for the well know TOP manufacturer approved by the Royal Awards and given the use of the mark N or NEUN Rosner, Sachen of Imperial Germany. This EK2 comes with a long 7 1/2 ribbon of original issue. In this fantastic grouping t is also three Austrian tri-fold medals of award. The 1898 Jubillee Franz Josef medal, the WW 1 War Service medals in bronze and silver. All Austrian medals are complete with their original tri-fold ribbons. Pay via Pay Pal only with s/h based on winners location and type of service requested. Thanks and good luck with this one!!! Sam

Notice of special attention to the maker mark. It has been suggested that the maker mark on the ribbon ring could be "Z" for the maker ZEICH of Berlin, Germany or even the number "2" for the very respected manufacturer C.E JUNKER of Berlin. With this in mind we continued to research the various marks and carefully compared those markings in style and general characteristics and construction technique of each known examples

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