This custom made candle holder is truly an unique accent piece that you will be happy to add to your collection. An Imperial Glass Candlewick Rose saucer has been added to this solid weighted silver tone candle holder along with an accompanying glass votive shade. No polishing is necessary to maintain the beautiful sheen on the candle holder as it has a lacquer finish that will not tarnish. The actual wax votive seen placed inside the glass shade is for photographic purposes only and is not part of the candle holder you are bidding on or purchasing. The glass votive shade, which is included, will accommodate either a tealight or votive style candle. The overall height of this candle holder is approx 7 3/4". The unique design of this candle holder blends both the handle once common on chambersticks made long ago with modern glass votive shades, thus resulting in a new creation of candle holders having a flavor of bygone years. Purchase this for yourself or for the individual you know who has this pattern. Be sure to
Many of my candle holders are one-of-a-kind simply due to my inventory of plates and glass votives. If you are interested in a pair of these candle holders, please email me. I will be able to advise you at that time if it is possible for me to make a matching candle holder for
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