Imperial Glass Crystle Coin Plates- Eisenhower-JFK- NIB

The first plate is a New In Box 1971 Series Crystle Coins collector plate by the Imperial Glass Corp.. This handcrafted plate presents the complete 1971 set of United States coins. Images include the Eisenhower dollar, Kennedy half dollar, Washington Quarter, Roosevelt dime, Jefferson nickle and the Lincoln penny. The plate comes with paperwork included and measures 9" across. A nice item for a collector!

The second plate is New In Box with the paperwork. This handcrafted creation by Imperial Glass boasts the complete 1964 set of United States Coins...the last year silver was used in an American Coinage set. Included is Kennedy half dollar, Washington quarter, Roosevelt Dime, Jefferson nickle, Lincoln penny. A nice keepsake for a coin plate collector or numismatic .