IMPERIAL IRELAND 3 Blade Folding Pocket Knife

This is a great knife !

This is a three blade folding pocket knife with a black handle. The largest blade is engraved "Imperial IRELAND" and has a thumb slot. The other two blades also have thumb slot. We pretty much found it as-is and wiped it off and it is in great condition.

The handle is gorgeous. The bright ends are tarnish free and the textured black handle has no cracks, nicks, or chips anyw ! We are not sure of the material the handle is made from - it is hard, heavily textured, and black, that's really all we know for sure. The crest shaped inlaid piece on one side of the handle is in great condition and has no lettering.

When we found this knife it was oily - we believe it was stored this way on purpose. Someone really wanted to preserve this knife and did a fine job. We have had this knife unopened in storage or at least ten years. The back center metal seam is even tarnish free and the inside w the blades fold into looks incredible clean. The fully opened knife measures approx. 9" long and the folded knife is approx. 4" long. The blades are solid and snap into place when opened and closed and t is no side to side wobble.

This is a great knife to add to any collection !

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