Imperial Jingdezhen Summer Palace Scene 8 Plate Set

This auction is for an impressive Set of 8 Limited Edition Collector Plates by Imperial Jingdezhen Porcelain.

These plates were offered through the Bradford Exchange at an original cost of about $35 for each individual plate, so this auction will be quite a bargain for this great collection. The plates with scenes instead of geisha ladies seem to be more rare and are really quite lovely. They were produced under the guidance of China National Arts and Crafts by Master Artisan Zhang Song Mao. This collection is called CHINA: SCENES FROM THE SUMMER PALACE. Each plate measures 8 1/2" wide. The collector of these plates had them stored away for years. This wonderful collection of plates would make a great holiday gift. What a beautiful complete display.

The Limited Edition Collector Plates of the Series Included in this Auction are:

First Plate - The Marble Boat (1988) Second Plate - The Jade Belt Bridge (1988) Third Plate - Hall That Dispels Clouds (1988) Fourth Plate - The Long Promenade (1989) Fifth Plate - Garden of Harmonious Pleasures (1989) Sixth Plate - The Great Stage (1989) Seventh Plate - The Seventeen Arch Bridge (1989) Eighth Plate - Boater on Kumming Lake (1990) If you have any other questions, please email me!

Good Luck Bidding