Imperial Marigold Carnival Glass #474 Punch Bowl/4 Mugs

FYI: I'm one of the Ultimate Recyclers, saving unique and possibly valuable pieces from going into landfills. Great, at finding New Homes for other people's stuff. While we have more stuff then we know what to do with, from buying out the complete contents of estates. My husband and myself, just can not, help ourselves, we still go to every interesting, yard sale, flea market, estate auctions and tag sales we can. We spend hours, going through different sources, looking high and low for treasures that we like and you folks may have interest in. Since I sold the shop and moved all the inventory home, my house has become a disaster. *****

Over the past summer, we attended a huge art glass auction. It was hard to believe but the auction was held for a couple that collected art glass for over 60 years. Living in a trailer, most of the items they purchased were just packed away after being displayed for awhile. The wife passed away and he started sorting through the bins. Keeping his favorites and sending others to auction. The auction started at 11am and run till 9pm. Toward the end of the auction, glassware was being sold by the table (8' x 2.5') full. We are still researching and listing all the glass we purchased at this auction. This being one of the many carnival pieces left to be sold.

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