Imperial Straight Razor German Registered 20507 In Box

This is a beautiful antique WWII era GERMAN IMPERIAL STRAIGHT RAZER with what looks to be ivory or bone handle with nice patina (don't know what the material is for sure-no gaurantees). It has a beautifully carved windmill on the handle. IMPERIAL RAZER, WARRANTED, REGISTERED 20507 GERMANY is etched in the shank. EXTRA HOLLOW GROUND, FULLY WARRANTED is etched in the blade. The blade pivots easily and sets between the handle smoothly. It looks to be in good usable condition. The original box is in fair condition and readable. It reads: ESTRA HOLLOW GROUND, FULLY WARRANTED, GERMANY, PRICE $3.00 AWESOME COLLECTABLE!! This is part of an inheritance of many WWII memorabila, I would want it in the hands of a serious collector. May God bless everthing you set your hand to do! More pictures available upon request. Looking forward to your bid, God Bless! Jacque