Impovised Alice AR15 10 Round Mag Harness

***NOTE MAGAZINES/ CLIP ARE NOT INCLUDED*** For illustration purposes only

2x USGI Canteen Covers, Excellent Condition

2x USGI Canteens

1x Canteen Cup

1x USGI Alice Belt, Very Good Condition

1x USGI Alice Y-Harness, Excellent Condition

1x Harness Chest Strap

1x Surplus Woodland Molle First aid Pouch with 2 Alice Clips

6x Improvised AR-15 10 round magazine, or M1 Garand EN-bloc clip Pouches, they're spray

painted Crossman tool pouches, 4 of them ar attached via 2 Alice Clips each, the other two have 1 alice clip each and the belt's web snap holding them on. Meant to approximate

woodland coloring.

-No Returns/ Sales Final

-Feel free to message me with any questions and I will get back to you ASAP.

-Sorry, no international Shipping

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