IMPROVED RAPID Archimedes Style EGG BEATER 12 1/2

This is another unusual style archimedes egg beater with a sliding mechanism that rotates the dasher by moving up and down. Very smooth action and is in good condition, no breaks or repairs. No markings found, but is known as the Improved Rapid beater according to Thornton's reference book. All metal accept for the sliding mechanism that is wood. Another great display item for any antique kitchenware utensil, or primitive kitchen gadget decor.

We have had this old eggbeater in our collection for many years and have enjoyed displaying it with our egg beaters, nutmeg graters, old can openers, washboards, coffee mills, apple parers and has been a great filler among our various Griswold and Wagner Ware cast iron cookware collection. We are remodeling our kitchen and have found a few pieces that we would like to pass on to someone else to enjoy as we have over the years.

Please email with any questions prior to bidding.

Thank you for viewing our auction and have a wonderful day!