IMX6000 Robogear Battle War Game Starter Set

ROBOGEAR is an action packed game designed for beginners, to teach them game strategy and model building. It is also well suited for the average to hardcore gamer. You will fight the "Battle of the Star Armies" using paintable, posable Troopers and Battle Machine models that do not require glue for assembly. These models can be used for other games requiring 30mm - 40mm figures. Starter set contents: 2 each Spider, Sprut, Hurricane & Werewolf Models - 2 Trooper Squads of 24 Models - 6 Hexagon frames for fortification - 10 Play Sheets - Rule Book - Story Book - 2 pc. 6 sided Dice - Game Accessories (shells markers etc.) Please visit our Me Page to Learn all about Megahobby. Also visit the Megahobby Store Policies page for additional information.
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please be advised-- this set does NOT come with any Sprut--it includes 2 Thunder instead-thanks