IN12 Tube Nixie Desk Clock "Diamante" RGB Led Mood Glow

Hand crafted in clear acrylic plastic all edges mirror polished

The clock display is enhanced with beautiful LED backlights which penetrate the tubes glass skin to form a coloured frame of the digit being displayed. The display has 27 different sets of rolling colours that can be stopped on any individual colour of your choice, hundreds of colours to choose from with one single switch.

IN-12 6-Tube Nixie Desk Clock with RGB Led backlights.

Russian tubes factory OTK stamped

The design of these clocks was specifically aimed at prolonging the life expectancy of the tubes.

Mainly this is achieved by the microprocessor scanning each tube very quickly which gives the illusion of a permanent display.

Other user functions such as auto date rotate, leading zero & night time shut down all contribute to life expectancy.

These tubes have stood the test of time for many years and show no indication of display digit ageing, should a tube fail it can be easily changed as the tubes are mounted in sockets.

IN-12 6-Tube Nixie Desk Clock

The tubes that have been used in this clock where originally developed in 1952 by the Haydu brothers for Burroughs Corporation as the precursor to the computer monitor. The tubes used are known as Nixie “Numerical Indicator Experimental
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