8 inc" Lovely Opalized Ammonite Whole Sutured Pattern Shell Reiki Fossil, Amm263

This Opalized Sutured Pattern Ammonite was discovered and polished in Mahajanga Region, Madagascar. It was singled out from many specimens for its unique quality and look. Brown and white suture patterns are coming through the opalization.

The Ammonite comes with pictured stand.

Dimensions: 8" x 6.28" x 1.68" 203 mm x 164 mm x 40

Weight: 3.831 lbs (1.173 kg)

Geology: Ammonites are fossils. These fossils are witnesses to the long distant history of our Earth. Many of them lived about 200 million years ago, at the same time as dinosaurs still lived on Earth. Fossils are found throughout the world. In Germany, for example, sites exist in the Swabian Alb or in the Frankish Jurassic. Very well preserved and decorative fossils, however, also come from the USA, France and Morocco. The healing effects of fossils were first investigated in recent times only. They are therefore not only fanta­stic items of jewelry and witnesses of a bygone age, but they also continue to surprise us due to their great healing powers which became concentrated in them over the course of millions of years. These are not as strong as the precious stones or crystals but, nevertheless, they do show tangible healing effects. They also penetrate much more sensitively into the body than many other healing stones.

Curative and therapeutic
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