The Incal #1-12 COMPLETE SET (Humanoids 01-02) Moebius Jodorowsky VF+/NM

The Incall #1-12 Complete set �

Humanoid Publishing �

...this is a nice set of books and very very hard to find complete in comic form. This set has been read and ranges in condition between VF to low NM � condition. I would say the nicest books range from 9.2 to 9.4 and nothing is lower than 8.5...ISSUES #2, #5, and #10 are the VF+/NM- books. The covers on all books are AWESOME. All books will be newly bagged and boarded and packed with the utmost care.

I also have "Metabarons" listed this week in relatively similar condition. I will offer the winning bidder full money back as well as cover the cost of return shipping if unsatisfied with this set upon arrival, so please . �