Inclined Plane Rolling Drum Clock - Parts

Inclined Plane
Rolling Drum Clock

For your consideration is the inclined plane for the Rolling Drum or Inclined Plane clock. The movement is not included.

The inclined plane is approximately 24 inches long and stands 8 inches high. It is well made. There is a level installed at the top end which can be seen in the photos. The ramp is leather or more likely faux-leather. Along the side of the inclined plane is a plaque inscribed with the days of the week. At the bottom of the ramp is a bumper to stop the rolling clock.

There is a label on the bottom which says "The Inclined Plane Clock Musee International D'Horlogerie."There are some minor wear marks on the piece but it should clean up very nicely. There is a small chip on one corner that can be seen in the photos.

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