INCRA 150mm Metric 3 piece rule set

This is a three piece metric set of Incra rules. It includes the 150mm T-Rule, 150mm Bending Rule, and the 150mm Measureing rule. INCRA Rules and T Rules have micro-fine marking holes and slots at every scale postition to instantly locate a sharp pencil point or scribe exactly where you want it. The T indexes at the exact edge of the board for consistent markings. You can use it as a T-Square to draw perpendicular lines and the T-bar adjusts for making vertical measurements. You can use the .5mm marking pencils with these rules also. The tip will fit into the holes and slots. Shipping on this item is free via USPS or UPS. I do combine shipping wherever possible. I do ship internationally. Just email me and I will quote shipping to your country. All shipments to Brazil must go Priority mail Express. All Brazilian shipping charges are on a quote only basis.