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Antique 100% OLD Chinese Porcelain Bowl
over 150 - 200 years old handpainted Chinese Porcelain Bowl
marked with Blue Chinese characters under the glaze
strong and beautiful Yellow exterior color
White with handpainted Blue Dragons on the interior
Really exquisite ANTIQUE CHINESE BOWL.
This piece is from a private home of an 85 year antique collector whose mother owned an antique shop in London early 1900's.
I bought many fine pieces from her, many other pieces of Oriental porcelain as well.
This was one of her mothers' "prize" possesions.
It has been in their family for approx. 80 - 100 years.
The Chinese marks on the bottom are in Blue and are under the glaze, they have NOT been added afterwards.
The marks are of the same smoothness or on the

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