Incredible Formal Kimono Tomesode -NM- Extraordinary #2

Welcome Fellow eBay'ers. I attended an estate sale in central New Jersey this summer and bought a HUGE lot of items including textiles (Kimonos, Obis, and Tapestries) along with many other Asian Antiques and Collectibles. The estate belonged to a military officer that spent the 50's and 60's in Japan and acquired quite a collection of wonderful items. I am a collector of sports memorabilia and Vinyl LP's, but I know NOTHING about Japanese items, so I will be happy to post all questions or volunteered information from the ebay community. The auctioneer listed all these items as pre-WWII, but did not give specific ages.

This listing is for an extraordinary Formal Silk Kimono "Tomesode". T will be three listed this week (see pictures). This Kimono features beautifully rendered cherry blossoms on branches on the bottom part of the Kimono, and is in perfect condition. It features red silk lining. The Kimono measures 61" long x 44" across the waist (all the way around) and 47" across from tip of sleeve to tip of sleeve. These kimonos were on display in the house using bamboo rods - simply wonderful decorations (and they can be worn too!)

Shipping is fixed at $9.85 - I ship only to US addresses and I ship only on Saturdays (sorry - work week is tough), and I pack very well. Payment via PayPal only and due within 3 days
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