THE INCREDIBLE HULK #181 - 5.0 - First appearance of WOLVERINE! No MV Stamp.

Titl e: Incredible Hulk
Issue number: 181
Missing Marvel Value Stamp!

"Long Term Arrangement" Part 1 of 2 - Written by Joe Kelly. Pencils by Mike McKone. Inks by Andy Lanning. Covers by J. Scott Campbell. Look out, Spidey! Hot on the heels of his old girlfriend's trip home, The Black Cat's back (and front!), sexier and more dangerous than ever! The deck is stacked as the one woman that loves Spider-Man more than Peter Parker is up to some devilish shenanigans...and nothing bugs Spidey more than shenanigans! Brace yourself for danger, Spidey! It's gonna be Cover price $2.99.

Pu blisher: Marvel
The condition of th is volume is 5.0
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