Incredible Hulk #181 PGX Graded 6.0 1st Appearance of Wolverine

Incredible Hulk #181 featuring the 1st full appearance of Wolverine . - PGX graded 6.0 (Fine). - I'm not sure, but the cover looks like it has been trimmed , in my opinion. I can't be sure if it was trimmed or not since I bought it already graded and I'm not sure if PGX detects restoration (there is no mention of restoration or trimming by PGX for this comic). I always try and be as honest as possible with my listings, which is why I mention the possible trimming, but as far as I can tell, everything else is original. - Likewise, since I bought it already slabbed, and PGX doesn't make any mention of it, I can't be sure if the comic still has the Marvel Value Stamp. Regardless, this is a great opportunity to get a key comic with great eye appeal at a more affordable price. - The case itself is in perfect condition. - I ship quickly and securely.
Thanks for looking!