Incredible Hulk 88 - 105 Planet Hulk COMPLETE She-Hulk

Planet Hulk

Greg Pak

This is the complete Planet Hulk storyline that ran its course through the Incredible Hulk comic. Included in the auction:

Incredible Hulk #88-105 including both printings of #92 and the regular and Green Turner variant of #100

Giant-Size Hulk #1; Planet Hulk Gladiator Guidebook; Hulk Mythos

She-Hulk #8 (2nd printing)-11 which includes a Civil War tie-in and the story of the short lived marriage of She-Hulk

She-Hulk #15-18 - Planet Without a Hulk

Hulk Tempest Fugit TPB Written by PETER DAVID. Penciled by LEE WEEKS & JAE LEE. Cover by LEE WEEKS. Peter David returns. Hulk smash! Stalking across the depths of the ocean, dispatching everything from sharks to giant squids, comes the Hulk. As a long-buried episode from Bruce Banner's youth begins to surface with possible ramifications for the future, the Hulk finds himself washed up on a strange island, populated by several hapless victims...and some most unexpected monsters. Collects INCREDIBLE HULK #77-82. 144 PGS

Prelude to Planet Hulk TPB Written by DANIEL WAY. Penciled by KEU CHA & JUAN SANTACRUZ. Cover by BRANDON PETERSON. Bruce Banner has finally found a semblance of peace. , in the isolated interior of Alaska, he hopes to protect the rest of humanity from the Hulk's never-ending
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