INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN 40x60 '57 sci-fi classic, tiny Grant Williams fighting giant cat!

An Original Vintage Theatrical Unfolded Forty by Sixty Movie Poster (40x60; measures 40" x 60" [102 x 152 cm])
The Incredible Shrinking Man, the classic 1957 Jack Arnold science fiction miniaturization fantasy adventure thriller starring Grant Williams, Randy Stuart, and April Kent (U.S.)
Condition: good -- There are many stains and small tears around the edges, with two tears in the right of the bottom border, one 5" and one 3" (and someone put brown paper tape on the back of that). There are many scuffs in the top and bottom of the image, with a few scattered throughout the image, and some tiny brown stains in the top center in the white background area above the cat's paw. Certainly, this poster can be displayed and enjoyed as it is, or it can have professional restoration, but please read our description above and look at our super-sized image before placing a bid on this poster.