INCREDIBLE SHRINKING MAN linen 1sh '57 Jack Arnold classic, wonderful Reynold Brown sci-fi art

An Original Vintage Theatrical Linenbacked One-Sheet Movie Poster (1sh; measures 27" x 41" [69 x 104 cm])
The Incredible Shrinking Man, the classic 1957 Jack Arnold science fiction miniaturization fantasy adventure thriller starring Grant Williams, Randy Stuart, and April Kent (U.S.)
Condition: good to very good -- The poster had tiny paper loss at the crossfolds and some tiny bits of surface paper loss on parts of some foldlines, and pinholes in the corners. There were several irregular tears in the middle of the left of the poster, mostly in the green background area and a circular area of paper loss in the green background to the left of the "S" of "SHRINKING" in the title. It had pinholes in the corners. Overall, the poster was in good to very good condition prior to linenbacking. The poster was pretty well backed, but you can see signs of the above defects and the restoration of the above defects.