Incredible Singer 221-1 Featherweight Centenial Edition with rare attachments

Serial AJ804326, Date of manufacture: Aug 22 1950, Elizabethport JJ Centenial Edition has a badge that commemorates 100 Years of Singer being in business reading "A Century of Sewing"

All original and complete with the following:

· Original instruction manual, bobbin case, Singer .4 amp motor, Singer bakelite foot control and bobbin winder.

· All attachments that originally came with Featherweight machines (foot hemmer, adjustable hemmer, multiple slotted binder, edge stitcher, gatherer, ruffler, small and large Singer screwdrivers, 6 bobbins, vintage Singer needle pack)

· Original Type III Case with side accessory tray and key

· Singer Sewing Machine Oil and Singer Motor Grease

Additional Items:

· Boxed buttonhole attachment w/feed dog cover & instructions

· Zig Zagger attachment, cams and instructions in original Singer Box ( rare attachment)

· Additional zipper foot

The featherweight portable sewing machines were manufactured by Singer from 1933 to 1970. They are light (11 lbs.` 1 oz.), compact, reliable, easy to service and simple to operate. They have a forward and reverse mechanism and a fully adjustable stitch length regulator that allows for a range of 6 to 30 stitches to the inch. Their versatility can be expanded with the addition of buttonhole, blind stitch
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