Up for sale is an incredibly gorgeous piece of porcelain made by Von Schierholz. This piece is a lovely compote depicting three young cherubs sitting around the base of it. One cherub, with a blue cloth draped in its lap, is holding a small harp in it's hands. Another cherub has a golden horn in its hands and has a light green cloth draped across the lap. The third cherub is gazing at a sheet of music and has a lilac cloth across the lap.

The base of the compute is beautifully decorated with the delicate flowers which Von Schierholz is so well known for. The white base is also trimmed with gold/gilding effect which underlines the beauty of the piece.

The basket of the compote is reticulated around the perimeter and has many gorgeous porcelain flowers ordaining it. The inside of the compote has hand painted flowers on it. The compote measures approximately 8” in diameter and 8” in height and as far as I can tell, it is in excellent condition. Please be sure to look carefully at the detailed pictures that I have posted in this listing.

Von Schierholz porcelain dates from around 1817. Since it’s inception, rather than focus of dinnerware, the Von Schierholz factory has produced some of the greatest examples of porcelain vases, compotes and figural items in the storied history of Meissen, Dresden and other
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