India Tulwar Type Sword

- Yes, this was was listed and did sell last week. But the buyer changed his mind when HE discover that the sword was not "original" as the handle was different from that of real Tuwlar swords !! As I still am not sure what is a "original" Tulwar sword, I have simply lowered the price and will let the bidding raise the price up to some kind of fair market value. I have not changed anything in the rest of this listing to include the description below. The sword is wrapped, packed, boxed and ready for mailing. So bid away!

- I am not positive of my identification of this sword and have left the appraisal to you. The sword is 36" and the sword blade is a LONG 31". The pieces projecting down from the hilt have been bent and have damage. Still a nice wall hanger. The blade shows some minor tarnishing and rusting which have darkened giving the piece character. There is a small design etched on one side of the blade. See pictures.

- I have based my postage charges on shipping to CA and have included the probable charge for insurance. The sword weighs 2 pounds. WAIT till my last listing has ended. I will then send an invoice with the actual cost to your area of the country. I will do this within an hour of the ending of the sale.

- I purchased the sword in 1971, mail order, because I though it was unique. I am
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