indian arrowheads,repro. Awesome Andice Point

I recently acquired an incredible collection of over 500 of the most fantastic points and blades I have ever seen. I do believe most of these points to be reproductions as t are so many that are too big and beautiful to be real, but it's really hard to tell as these points have all been through an amazing aging process that causes them to display the characteristics of authentic points. They all have the appearance of a nice patina, have good soil aging with old dirt and shell fragments in the crevices and along the blade edges and some even appear to have mineral deposits. Most of these look so good, only an expert could tell the difference and they all Look ancient to the naked eye. I have no history on these points so I will list the entire collection in the reproduction catagory and offer no guaranty of origin.

I will continue to offer a 30 day return policy on these because I want you to be happy with your purchase. If you are not happy for any reason, I will refund the purchase price plus initial shipping charges.

This listing is an absolutely awesome 4 5/16 inch long Andice point that is extremely well made, super thin, very sharp, has great symmetry and fantastic flaking. It is made from a beautiful banded brown and gray Edwards Plateau chert. This piece has the appearance of an nice patina, displays great
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