Indian Artifacts, Arrowheads, Great Basin, Oregon

Indian Artifacts, Arrowheads, Native American, AACA

"Characteristics of "Rose Springs Stemmed"

Another Warner Valley found Artifact!

is that "Special" "Large" for this type Piece! This one has "FINE PATINA" Tip has chigger bite as does the proturding barb. Short barb looks made short. ,"THIN", Thin, Thin! The flaking is Transverse Oblique & Random. Found in Warner Valley South East Oregon. At 1 7/8" Large, Straight & true! (SEE PICS) A unique piece in itself. Questions welcome! "Shipping is FREE" Unlike other sites who show you "2" photos. I do the extra work to give a Very Good Look at the piece. I give 30 Day No Questions Return. You get "FREE SHIPPING" I take close up pics in 2 different light settings to make it easyer to see defects in the Points. For your compleat examanation of the piece. Why buy anyw else?

I am "NOT" an expert on Native American Artifacts. I "AM" a student of this field. I research "EVERY" piece I list in auction. When I list a piece as a type, it is my best interpretation of that piece. I can be wrong. I include close up pics of each item Please view them & make your own.

-All the pieces from this collection were acquired according to Federal Law & Ebay rules.Found on privet Property.

I give a 30 day money back satisfaction guarantee. I back all my items

Please pray for our Armed Forces.

Please support POW/MIA recovery.

By participating in this auction you are contributing to the support of a 100% disabled Veteran. I salute you!

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