Indian artifacts of Southern Oregon Klamath Lake

In this auction you will find ten artifacts and lets start with that exotic piece. At first I though it was a broken base of a corner notche but t is no flat "broken" edge as it is worked all the way around so I really dont know what the heck it is but its very unusual. Then t is a super thin and super pointed atlatl point with great flaking but with some basal damage and a large flaked flat knife and a very nice stemmed atlatl point and a very nice old time and well flaked side notched point and a hafted unfinished rounded based point which is all t and a stemmed arrowhead with a nick off of one end and another stemmed point which is all t and more. A great deal for the asking price. Thanks again. Take a look at my other auctions for more! I recently acquired some of the (estate) Indian Artifact collection of (XX.xxXX) The family has requested I not use his name at this time......He passed over last year. He collected Indian Artifacts from the Willamette Valley, Columbia River and in Eastern Oregon during the 1930's and 1940's. These were legally collected from private lands and he also purchased some other collections which were obtained in the 1920's. I am very careful they comply with Federal (ARPA) and Oregon State Laws. In fact, members of the Grande Rhonde Indian Tribal Council inspected the collection and took what they felt ... read more