Indian Chief transmission main shaft and ratcheting kicker gear

Here's a used main shaft for a Indian Chief motorcycle with a ratcheting kicker gear on one end, it ratchets just fine, the teeth of the gear have noticeable wear on the ends, the shaft itself has tiny spots of corrosion that should polish out, the splines look fine.
I'm currently listing parts that belong to a long-time AMCA member and friend who used to live here in the St. Louis area. Being a vintage Harley guy, I know next to nothing about Indian and other brand motorcycles when it comes to parts. If you want to add to my descriptions or school me on anything I've listed, have at it.
A lot of you are asking if I've got more parts for this or that model bike. The truth is I'm not exactly sure what all is here. We filled numerous tubs and boxes of stuff in a hurry about two years ago and I promptly put the parts into storage. I'm getting it out a box or two at a time and listing what's in the boxes as I get to them. There are for sure more vertical twin parts, more scout and sport scout and 741 parts, a very few Chief parts and some brave and warrior parts. All will be sold here on eBay, so just keep looking here
I've opted out of the Global Shipping Service after having one bidder win four lots in the past two weeks using the service and me not hearing one word from eBay about them. It's a disaster of a program if
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