Indian Ghurka Regiment Kukri Knife

This is a great collector knife. The Kukri knife is still standard issue for Indian and Nepalese troops. Its angled blade makes it a thrusting, stabbing or hacking weapon. Indeed it is the size of a small machete. The Kukri knife comes in many different styles. This particular Kukri is 19 3/4 inches as measured from the point; along the back of the blade to the pommel. The high carbon steel blade, measured in the same manner, is 13 3/4 inches long. There is a blood groove along the top of the blade. The notches on the bottom of the blade near the handle represent the trident of Shiva the Hindu god of destruction. The handle is wood over the tang with brass finish accents. Also included is a leather covered hard sheath with belt loops. This is a nicely balanced full tang knife with a nice heft to it.

The Ghurka Kukri is not only a very utilitarian knife it is also a fabulous costume accessory. If you need a gift for the collector of exotic bladed weapons then you must consider this Ghurka Kukri knife. This kukri is both useful and decorative: The Indian Ghurka Kukri knife can be useful in many situations; handy to have along on hiking and camping trips. And it's a very cool collector piece. It can also be a fabulous display piece. Some have arranged the knife and sheath in a framed
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