INDIAN HEAD Mills PEQUOT Muslin Sheet BOX Advertising

Payment INDIAN HEAD Mills PEQUOT Muslin Sheet BOX Advertising
This very interesting box holds a lot of history to it. It is a box for Muslin Sheeting for Pequot Sheets, from Pequot Mills in Salem Massachusetts. The Pequot Indians, by the way, were tribes located both in Connecticut and Massachusetts, who also have a very interesting history. This box measures 17" long, 9 3/8" wide, and 3 3/8" deep. As you can see, it has some wear around the edges. I do not know the age of this box, but feel it could possibly be from the 1930's or earlier. The true color is best represented in the first photo. Please read on for some interesting background information. Shipping will be $5.85 in the U.S. I also ship Worldwide. Jackson Mills purchases Indian Head Mills in 1830. In 1831, Jackson Mills changes the name of its sheets (because of an unpopular President) to Indian Head Sheets. These become some of the most popular sheets ever made. The advertising for Indian Head is very collectible. The Pequot Sheets were introduced in 1939 by the Naumkeag Steam Cotton Company, owner of Peqout Mills and maker of the Pequot Sheets. Peqout Mills would later become part of the Indian Head Company more than a century later. In 1916, Jackson Mills merges with Nashua Mills. Nashua becomes Indian Head Mills in 1953. It is run by James Robison, who was


The following information wasl received from eBayer Joan Kiplinger: "In reading your description, I noticed you used wording from a column on Indian Head which I wrote for . It would be appreciated if you would credit your source. Also some of the information has changed due to new research findings, making your description inaccurate as of now.

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