Indian Hindu KAL BHAIRAV Powerful Yantra - Black Magic

Sri Kal Bhairav Yantra

very powerful spiritual yantra

Removes Black Magic


Blessed with Vedic Positive Healing Energy, COPPER 3" X3" inches USA

Lord kalbhairav know to removes all negative effects - black magic- protects one in any location you may see kalbhairav in outside of any shiva temple.

Lord Kaal Bhairava is also known as Kshetrapalaka, the guardian of the temple. In honor of this, keys to the temple are ceremonially submitted to Lord Kaal Bhairava at temple closing time and are received from him at opening time.

Lord Kaal Bhairava is also the guardian of travelers. The Siddhas advise us that before embarking on a journey, especially one that involves travel during the night, we should make a garland of cashew nuts and decorate Lord Kaal Bhairava with it. We should light jothi lamps in His honor and request His protection during our travel.
Lord Kaal Bhairava help us use our time effectively on the spiritual path.
This purifies and protects the body,self concept, personality, and other attributes associated with the Ascendant.

It bestows good health, general wealth and prosperity.

This yantra is very unique yantra and being used in older days to enhance good luck and fortune. It is belive, This yantra works on SIGN AND HIDDEN
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