Indian Mayan Ceremonial Spear Point, Arrowhead Blade

Mayan Ceremonial Spear Point
is the great story about this piece...I purchased it in an antique shop in North Carolina. The owner of the shop verified that it was an authentic Mayan Ceremonial Spear Point found in Acapulco, Mexico. I was skeptical of the story, but this spear point is so beautiful I had to have it. If it is authentic, it is worth thousands of dollars. As a reproduction, its value still reaches into the hundreds. I gambled and paid hundreds. I don't have a single regret about purchasing this piece.
Because I cannot personally prove its authenticity, I am selling this point as a modern reproduction. However, you should know that based on its color, weight and craftmanship, you could be purchasing a truly valuable, one of a kind spear point. This I do know, I have never come across anything as beautiful. I can't express enough how much you will love owning this! Very few people will ever own a spear point as nice as this one.
I am reducing the size of my personal collection and have had my opportunity to be the proud owner. Now it's your chance, don't miss out!
Intriguing feature: clear quartz eye which can be seen in the picture up against the light Actual size: 7in (18cm) long by 2 3/4in (7cm) wide
I would be happy to discuss this piece with you. I can be reached at (hm) or (cell).
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