Indian Motorcycle Multicolored Tank Decals Motorcycle

We will be at the Pioneer Valley Indian Rally in Chester Massachusetts Saturday July 14th. Pair of large multicolored Indian head tank decals. Measure approx 10 7/8" X 4 " . These are water transfers. Can be clear coated, also can be used inside of windows. High bidder pays $2.50 shipping in the US. Bottom photo shows what they look like on the tank. For applying decal to any surface use a spray bottle with a mixture of dish washing detergent to wet the surface before decal is being applied to. This will make the decal moveable to the position desired. This allows you more time to position the decal. A credit card can be use to lightly squeegee the excess water. Also if one decides to clear coat use a clear lacquer to seal the decal before using any other clear coat. The lacquer will protect the decal agents chemically stronger clear paints.