Indian Sign Language Video

Indian Sign Language Video by General Hugh Scott. 1 hour 10 minutes. This was a lost documentary film. Made at Fort Browning September 4-6, 1930. The film starts with these words-"This film is designed to present graphically the essentials of the inter tribal sign language of the American Indians of the Great Plains explain to perpetuate the knowledge of a recognized authority on this dying langauge suggested by the Honorable Scott Seavitt chairman of the Indian Commitee of the House of Representatives was embodied in a Act of Congress authorizing the Secretaery of the Interior, Ray Lymer Wilbur, through the instrumentaly of Major General Hugh L Scott, to make this Motion Picture record of this sign language which follows this Act was executed under the immediate supervision of Joseph M Dixon, Assistant Sec. of the Interior." This is a MUST SEE and have for your collection if you like Indian heritage and lifeways. See real Indians from 1930 (older men who were born in tipis and new the buffalo days) in action using sign language. The following are the headmen who attended the council Dick Washakie-Shoshone, Short Face-Piegan, Bitterroot Jim-Flathead, Night Shoots-Piegan, Drags Wolf-Hidatsa, Iron Whip-Sioux, Deer Nose- Crow, James Eagle-Arikara, Foolish Women-Mandan, Strange Owl-Cheyenne, Bird Rattler-Blood, Mountain Chief-Blackfoot, ... read more