Indian War Kepi officer's cap hat. Post Civil war

For your considerations is this wonderful kepi from the Post Civil War era, the Indian Wars. It was made by the Ridabock & Company Military Goods in New York , formerly Baker & McKenney. The embossed stamped seal is visible and shows an address of 141 Grand Street in New York . It's the real deal as they made many military items in the late 1800's - 1900's.

Baker & McKenney partnered with Ridabock in 1883 and they were later bought out totally. This kepi was made somew around 1884, a time when both names were used on their label.

As to if it was worn during the Indian wars or during the Spanish/American War, I know not. I suspect it was more likely worn during the Indian Wars as I just learned Ridabock was at the 141 Grand Street in New York from 1883 - 1889.

Though t's very minor mothing, t are brass excelsior eagle type buttons adorning each side (one of the left and one on the right), the chin strap is secure and the lining is good, no rips/tears, considering how old it is. Remarkably t is even a paper tag still adhering to the inside of the lining showing its' size, 13. WOW. The knot on the top of the kepi is perhaps an Australian knot?

I'm no expert but I strongly believe this was an Officer's Kepi as I've yet to find another adorned so ornately. Has some black hair/fiber braiding
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