Indiana Blue Harvest Grape & Leaf Carnival 2 Goblets

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This Indiana Cobalt Blue Harvest Grape Pattern Set of 2 Goblets are from an old Colony mold. The set consists of 2 Goblets. They are American Handmade Glassware.

Thanks from Management at: GlassHouseEmporium

Our website is about much more than just selling glassware. We are very proud that we can offer you 100% American Made Glassware, made by True American Glass Craftsmen and Craftswomen. Many of them have had their skill and knowledge passed down from generations of Grandfathers and Grandmothers. A few years back, t were hundreds of American Glass Companies producing glassware in America. Believe it or not, t are only four American Made Glass Companies left. These four companies are working hard to keep this heritage alive.
These companies produce very High Quality Handmade Glassware, as they pour their heart and soul into these molds. You can be assured when you buy this Glassware you are helping to keep one of America's last surviving centuries old true craftsmen skills alive. So many of America's age old Craftsman's generation to generation skills are lost forever.
Most of the molds these companies use today are over 100 years old. When holding one of these
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