(NO RESERVE!) YOU HAVE FOUND THE LAST ONE OF THIS NEW INDUSTRIAL ELECTRONIC REVERSE ELECTROPLATE RECOVERY MACHINES WE HAVE FOR SALE. {upgraded model} (Complete with upgraded electrode) New technology for 24k Gold recovery! Strips pins, fingers, Gold filled, Watch cases and plated jewelery for just a few cents in electricity. We give a detailed simplified Reverse Electroplate Drop Process instruction sheet. Plus TWO more combined E-circuit and gold refining process guides. Gold did hit $1,000 an ounce! (scrap gold not included) Get Yours now. HUGE PROFITS! Special note: 230vac only. See the before and after pictures, the gold stripped out in 7 hours computer pins and all!{REVISION: 5 Hour strip on plated jewelery with new "INCLUDED" Stainless Cathode Basket!} For Europe comes with European plug and set for 230V *Special note* Due to the increasing price of gold and all materials and parts We have had to raise the price only a few dollars and this is one of the last 230vac {1 LEFT} Industrial Machines so get Yours now. Sorry but last one and auction may be ended early if the bids go too high and will probably go to one of the eBay members Who has been pleasant in asking for this 240vac model.