Inert WWII M42 76mm Artillery Shell with Fuze (Fuse)

Inert WWII M42 76mm HE projectile with 1942 dated M43A2 mechanical time fuze.

The projectile is in excellent condition with approximately 90% original OD paint. The only markings on the projectile are "86 E5 11" stamped into the metal on one side, and the word "Scrap" stamped into the metal on the other side. I suspect this was a souvenir taken from the manufacturing plant and the word "Scrap" made it "legal" to take it out of the plant.

The fuze is an M43A2 mechanical time fuze made of brass, aluminum, and aluminum alloy. It is stamped "Mech. Time Fuze M43A2 E.M. 1942 Lot 6866-294" The fuze is in excellent condition with some pitting around the words "Mech. Time", and some small round dents around "-294". The internal timing mechanism has been removed.

T is an inert brass booster attached to the fuze. The booster has all its internal components, but the detonator has been fired. The booster is in excellent condition but it is not marked.

The projectile is 8 3/8 inches high; with the fuze, it is 12 1/4 inches high.

In accordance with eBay requirements, all explosive material has been removed and the item has been filled with non-removable inert material or altered in other ways to prevent it from being used as an explosive device .

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