Infinity #279 Nomads Prowlers Commando Special Ops NIB

Infinity - Nomads: Prowlers (Spitfire)
Infinity is a science fiction skirmish-level tabletop miniature set about 175 years into the future. Mankind has expanded into space and now reside on 11 separate star systems. Humanity is divided into several factions as determined by ancient cultures and recent enmities. The need for space, resources, power, or even basic survival driving conflict between the human civilizations, Great or otherwise. To make things worse, there have been ever-increasing news of a great hostile alien invasion force. The time for War is once again approaching.
The Nomads consist of three enormous ships whose inhabitants, discontented with a society controlled by huge macroeconomic blocks and by A.I., have separated themselves from it and roam through space, trading from system to system. Tunguska is dedicated to the traffic and storage of information. Corregidor offers skilled labor at a good price, while Bakunin trades in all that is exotic and illegal in whatever area, from fashion to nano-engineering
The Special Action Service, better known as the Prowlers, is a sort of improved commando unit, with competences and specific skills, created with the sole purpose of making early contact with the enemy and causing the most possible damage. And there is no weapon like the Spitfire to cause damage

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