Inflatable RAINIER BEER Bottle w/LEGS

Rainier Brewing Company, Seattle, Washington

Do you remember the "Stalking the Wild Rainier" beer commercials on T.V. in the 1980's? Well, we have a genuine "Wild Rainier" that I caught back then!!!

This is a very cool, some might say vintage, collectible item. I have not seen many more out t like it. It still holds air fine; I've had it blown up and hanging for a few weeks now and it's doing great!

It measures 27" long

22" when "standing" on legs

10" in diameter and has a circumference of 31"

The legs are 10" long

Has a string set-up for hanging

I was cleaning out the closet and found it, reminisced a bit and decided my partying days were over so I could let someone else enjoy it! It has a tiny 1/2" tear in the label but doesn't go through to the bottle (label is seperate piece of vinyl) so it doesn't leak air.....I taped it anyway though.(see photo) It's on the top side so it won't show when hanging. All in all it's in pretty good shape, a little dusty and a few scuffs......see's COOL!

Raaaaai....nieeeeeeerrrrr Beerrrrrrr!!!!!

If you have any questions please don't hesitate to ask before bidding.

I will gladly e-mail with more photos if you like.

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