INGE GLAS Christmas German glass Ornaments LOT of 21

Yesterday's craftsmanship, today's treasures, tomorrow's heirlooms...

Inge-Glas® is a family operated business that has been handcrafting glass ornaments with skills that have been passed on for generations. Our trademark, the exclusive 5-Point Star Crownâ,,¢ suspension ring, caps every one of our heirloom ornaments and is the symbol of our company's superior quality and our 410 years of dedicated craftmanship. Inge-Glas® employs over 100 artisans and yet, maintains the characteristics of a small family business. Using the same mould composition as those ornament moulds created over 100 years ago, Inge-Glas® has successfully kept the spirit of the glass cottage industry alive. It is the Müller-Blech family wish to share with you the joy and excitement of authentic, heirloom German Christmas ornaments.

Inge-Glas® of Germany âe" a glassblowing family tradition. Since 1596, our journey continues...

In this set you will receive the following 21 Hand Blown Glass Inge Glas Ornaments:

1. Birthday Cake

2. a Church

3. a double-sided ornamet depicting a snowy church

4. a basket of flowers

5. Lady Liberty

6. 3 peas in a pod

7. a fruit basket

8. A Santa

9. A Angel

10. A Purple Heart

11. A Yellow Rose

12. A Bouquet of
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