~ Ingmar Bergman The Silence ORIGINAL 1960s Lobby Card Ingrid Thulin Germany

~ Ingmar Bergman The Silence Original 1960s Lobby Card Ingrid Thulin Germany
Our Filing Code: 13417 Own a Rare Piece of Hollywood History ~ Original Vintage Movie and TV Memorabilia ~ Authenticity Guaranteed
Rare Original Lobby Card(s)
Featured Ingrid Thulin ~ Directed by Ingmar Bergman (Seventh Seal, Wild Strawberries) Title The Silence (Das Schweigen) Issued by Atlas Film Lobby Card
Printed 0 Size 11 3/4 x 15 1/2 (inches) Condition several margin pinholes
Please note that the image of the card above is low resolution and does not fully capture the beauty, vibrancy, detail and tone of the actual original lobby card you will receive. Even the fine print on original lobby cards is crystal clear. If a card appears to have any flaws not noted above they are merely scanner or server distortions and do not appear on the actual card . Motifs ~ issued in Germany for promotion of the film in Germany ~ thick matte lobby card texture Notes ~ Guarantee This is the real thing--a rare, original promotional lobby card. "Original" means this is a genuine lobby card printed in the year cited above and issued by a movie studio to theaters for promotion. It is not a reprint. To be truly collectible a lobby card must be an original. We sell only original lobby cards.
Aside from their value as collectibles and investments, lobby
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