Ingraham "Aurora No. 1" Duplex 7, Eight Day Mantel Clock

Ingraham “Aurora No. 1” Duplex 7 Inch

Eight Day Mantel Clock

Had a buddy drop this clock off for me to sell for him, was found in a storage bin he was cleaning out, I ran it for two days, ran fine and the strike side works as it should, but I forgot to see if it kept good time, Also, it is out of beat, I had to raise the left side up about an inch to make it run, so the beat will have to be adjusted for it to run level, so I’m selling “AS-IS”, needs adjusting.

The case measures 19-1/2”L x 4-1/4”W x 9-1/2”H.

Looks to me like the finish was sanded down at some point, and maybe re-stained, I’m not sure. Also there is a small piece of wood missing off the left front corner and a small scratch next to it.

The bezel is loose in the hinge, you have to lift it up to snap it shut, I’m sure this can be adjusted, the convex glass is intact.

The metal dial pan is scuffed and stained from age and use.

Back door is tight in the hinge, has the knob and latch that holds it shut.

Movement looks clean, has the double hammers, sounds on the half and counts out the hours with a double beat tone.

He was missing the pendulum and the only one I had available was a Sessions, but it works just as good.

The double ended key has the time adjustment end broken off, so
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