Initial D Limited 6 DVD BoxSet (1-41) Plus Third Stage

Initial D Limited 6 DVD BoxSet (1-41) Plus Third Stage Description:

In a blighted, soulless town north of Tokyo in Gunma Prefecture, disaffected youths drag souped-up cars in illegal street races. Seventeen-year-old petrol pump attendant Itsuki dreams of saving up enough to buy his own set of wheels and join the Akina Speedy Stars gang, fellow garage worker Iketani boasts of his prowess, and their manager occasionally regales them with tall tales about the fastest man on the mountain. This shadowy figure is actually their shy friend Takumi, who breaks the speedy limit each dawn to keep the deliveries fresh for his father's tofu shop, enjoying the occasionally unwelcome advances of Natsuki, a pragmatic local who pays the bills with "subsidized dating.

Includes: First Stage, Second Stage, Extra Stage and Third Stage

Attention: All of the Stages have English dialog except for the Third Stage which contains Japanese dialog.

Additional Information:
Episodes: 1-41, Third Stage DVDs: 6 Dialogue: English & Japanese Subtitles: English Audio: Dolby Digital

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