Innova Champion CE KC Pro 11x Teebird Disc Golf New!

Up for sale is:

New never tossed, super rare item. This is the sickest plastic I have touched and seen. Pictures don't do it justice, NEON dayglo emerald green and its not only swirly/marbellized plastic its got "light play" or chatoyant as we call it. The disc has a depth in the plastic and exhibits some slight color shift depending on light. As you can see its "cherry" ready for the course. Weighs in at 168g which is a bit lighter, but definately heavy enough for the big arms. This will go wver you put it in thesky, left, right, or long and straight into the chains! My only one like it. Some people say this blend used "the last of the CE plastic" not working at Innova I can't say... but I can comment its not only beautiful but so grippy and friendly in my hand. Disc is domey, has the "poppy top". Rare bird! Shipping: SHIPPED IN A BOX! Each additional disc 1 dollar to the shipping total. I will combine discs with any and other items. I can ship this in an envelope for 3.00 if you like.

Need more pictures? Have additional questions, JUST ASK :)